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Kameyosek Ben

Huacaya, Female (Bred), Proven | Dark Brown

Sire: Caesar Ben  

Dam: Raven Ben , ARI# 30599932 , CLAA# 35090 | True Black

Service Sire: KBAR'S Jupiter, ARI# 35453574  | Medium Silver Grey

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Kamey has lovely soft fine crirmpy fibre almost spider like at 22.9 micron, her staple length this year was 3.3 inches. She has full coverage from top to toes.

When bred to grey Kamey has produced grey 5 out of 7 times. Her first two crias were both sired by High Plains Elvis, a beautiful rose grey female Sweet Pea, followed a year later by Khan. Sweet Pea took 4th place at the 2013 Alpaca Ontario Spring Show. Khan placed 4th at the 2014 Alpaca Ontario Spring Show.

Her third cria is a dark brown female, Kabuki.

Kit Kat, her fourth cria is stunning, white boots, white face, dark, dark grey body and blue eyes! Kit Kat was sired by RRA Granite's Lancelot.

2016 Kamey produced a beautiful bay black female - Kindness, sired by Valiant.

Stunning, Kamey's 2017 cria - Kameron the Grey is stunning. Lots of wonderful light grey fibre.

Surprise, bred to our silver grey male Mars and Beyond they produced a black female, Kameo.

2019's cria was another gorgeous grey male, Kamelot sired by Prince. His cria fleece was over 6 inches of very fine Grade 1 fibre.

She is a very easy birther; her first cira there was no sign of labour when I left the barn, when I came back in less than an hour her cria was there. Kamey is a good mother with lots of milk, all of her crias have doubled their birth weight within one month.

Kameyosek means Beautiful One in Cree.

Her great grandsire is the well known Acero Marka's Sky Pilot, one of Canada's most respected herd sires and sire of numerous champions.

Her great grandsire Cpt. Nemo's last fibre stats at 10 years of age were: CV 22.0, SD 4.4, CV 19.2, %>30 6.2.

Typically Nemo's offspring are visually pleasing with medium size square stocky build, excellent overall coverage head to toe, finer type crimp, soft fibre and friendly spunky personality and that pretty much sums up Kamey.

Fiber / Scientific Data

July 26, 2010AFD 18.0 SD 5. CV 27.8 % > 30 Micron 2.2
July 28, 2011AFD 20.9 SD 4.5 CV 21.4 % > 30 Micron 3.4
Jul 30, 2012 AFD 22.9 SD 5.0 CV 21.9 % >30 6.8
July 15, 2013AFD: 22.0 SD: 4.9 CV: 22.3 %>30 micron 5.3
Aug. 31, 2016AFD 24.5 SD 5.2 CV 21.3 %>30 micron 10.5 Yocom

Kameyosek at 11 years old

Her daughter Kit Kat at 5 years old


Sweet Pea Blossom, 1st cria

Kameys 1st cria - Sweet Pea.

Kameys 2nd cria, Khan at the AO show

Updated 11/30/2021