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Patapin Conclusive Daniella

Huacaya, Female, Proven | White

Sire: CPERUVIAN Daniel 111 IMPF98, ARI# 806170 , CLAA# 14821 | White

Dam: RFA Angelica, ARI# 30377820 , CLAA# 35702 | White

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Daniella is lovingly known as DQ, (Drama Queen) she really isn't too hard to handle and work with.

DQ comes with a great pedigree. While the list is short the names on are impressive- CPeruvian Daniel III and Jolimont Peruvian Ivano.

She is a good sized female with coverage that is forward on the face and goes well down her legs. DQ has high frequency, deep crimp, bright, dense, fine, long fibre that bundles and she is passing that on to her offspring.

Her first daughter is DQ'S Blizzard - she sheared almost 10 pounds on both her first and second shearing - Grade 2 fibre, brilliant white and crimpy.

In 2015 DQ presented us with another stunning white female - DQ'S Frosty, sired by one of our top herdsires, Lance. We were so pleased with Frosty we paired these two together for a 2016 cria, the result was another white with great crimpy fibre- this time a male - Dignity.

For 2017 we bred DQ to our young grey herdsire Suede, and they produced a medium rose grey female, Caramel Sundae.

What a great pairing. We were hoping to get a beautiful silver grey from her this year, she was bred to our young stud Prince and they certainly produced a beauty! Silver Streak is a medium silver grey with lots of crimp from her ears to her toes.

DQ certainly isn't consistent with her colours, next she produced Quincy a lovely medium fawn, followed by her best - DQ'S Special a stunning silver grey female. Her last cria is a beautiful medium fawn, DQ'S Butterscotch Ripple. Prince was the sire to her last 4 crias.

We have now retired DQ from our breeding program.


2nd place of 7 at the 2010 Alpaca Ontario Show
3rd place of 6 at the 2010 CNASF East Show
4th place of 7 at the 2010 Navan Composite Show

Fiber / Scientific Data

Aug 9, 2014 AFD 23.1 SD 4.5 CV 19.6 %>30 5.8 Yocom
June 18, 2013AFD 23.71 SD 4.55 DV 19.22 %>30 7.3 Olds
May 13, 2012AFD 24.18 SD 5.47 CV 22.6 %>30 10.1 Olds
June 17, 2011AFD 21.28 SD 4.85 CV 22.8 %>30 4 Olds
June 19, 2010AFD 20.12 SD 5.2 CV 25.8 %> 30 2.7 Olds
Aug 31, 2016AFD: 22.0 SD: 5.2 CV: 23.6 % > 30: 5.2

DQ at 13

DQ at 13

Almost 1 year old

Updated 7/9/2022